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  • error on STOUD relocation error GLIBC2.2 not defined in ld-linux-ia64.so.2

  • While trying to start FLUENT on SGI ALTIX system, user gets the following error:

    error on STOUD relocation error GLIBC2.2 not defined in d-linux-ia64.so.2
    Workaround is described below depending on shell use by user:

    -- 3.1.3 Applications Using glibc Private Symbols Applications that use
    glibc private symbols (e.g. _dl_loaded) should be recompiled at the earliest
    convenience. This problem has been noticed with applications compiled with the
    Intel 7.1 compiler build 20030814 or earlier. Applications compiled with Intel
    compilers with build dates after 20030814 have not exhibited the problem. The
    following is an example of type of error message reported by applications
    using glibc private symbols: ./geomdecomp: relocation error:
    ./geomdecomp: symbol _dl_loaded, version GLIBC_2.2 not defined in file
    ld-linux-ia64.so.2 with link time reference SGI ProPack 3 SP2 provides an
    unsupported workaround that may or may not work for a given application.
    The sgi-compat-preload-1.0 RPM contains a shared object,
    /usr/lib/sgi-compat-preload.so, which defines _dl_loaded as NULL.
    To use this workaround, set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable at runtime
    as follows:
    $ export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/sgi-compat-preload.so or
    (depending on your shell)

    % setenv LD_PRELOAD /usr/lib/sgi-compat-preload.so

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