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  • Valid floating license option fv not found in license file
    Error: /usr/local/Fluent.Inc/fv/data/license.dat

  • Resolution: Assuming you have installed fieldview into: /usr/local/Fluent.Inc/fv

    1.Copy the SERVER line in your Fluent license file to:

    2.Add the line, USE_SERVER, below the SERVER line.

    The complete /usr/local/Fluent.Inc/fv/data/license.dat file will look something like this:

    SERVER fvlicserver 123456789 7241

    Be sure the license manager has started succesfully, and run Fieldview again.

    Note: If you have more than one platform running FLUENT'S Fieldview, you may have changed the directory, /usr/local/Fluent.Inc/fv to something else. For example:

    In that case, the license file would be located in: /usr/local/Fluent.Inc/fieldview8.1/solaris/data/license.dat.

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