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  • How to define adsorption / desorption on a porous media or any wall surface?

  • If you want to define any reaction like adsorption H2O(g) -> H2O(site) or desorption H2O(site) --> H2O(g)
    then it is to be defined considering the fact that total site density is a conserved number i.e. for each site
    balance equation site species must be balanced.

    Thus adsorption or desorption reaction can be modeled in following manner:

    H2O(g) + O (site) --> H2O (bulk) +O (site) (where surface coverage O + surface coverage O=1)
    H2O(bulk) + O'(site) --> H2O (g) + O (site) (where surface coverage O + surface coverage O =1)

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