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  • FLUENT - Launching FLUENT for Pre and Post Processing

  • You have just received a license for FLUENT for pre and post processing. You have installed FLUENT and attempt to start up FLUENT but you receive a licensing error.
    Running FLUENT for pre and post processing requires you to use the -post flag on startup.

    WINDOWS Users: Modify the FLUENT shortcut on the Desktop and/or the shortcut on the Programs Menu as shown below:

    Modifying the FLUENT Shortcut

    1. Right-click on the FLUENT shortcut and choose Properties.

    2. In the Target box, add the -post flag after the version number, for example:
    C:Fluent.Incntbinntx86fluent.exe -r6.2.16 -post

    3. Choose Apply. Choose OK.

    UNIX/LINUX Users:

    Launch FLUENT by adding the -post flag after the version number, for example,

    fluent 3d -post

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